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XXIV Monográfica española de morfología del Leonberger, con atribución del CAC-CCJ-CCV de la Real Sociedad Canina de España.XXIV Nationale d’Elevage espagnole du Léonberg, avec attribution du CAC-CCJ-CCV de la Société Royale Canine d'Espagne.XXIV Spanish Leonberger Club Show, with attribution of the CAC-CCJ-CCV of the Royal Canine Society of Spain. 

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Hip Hip Hooray,
Puffy (Nagybobanya Lynckepynck Puffy) is pregnant to Lucky (Knockando's XO Imperial Lucky)
Both have level 4 in the French breeding  system.
The coefficient of inbreeding is low: Over 10 generations 2.87 and over 30 generations 27.25.
The puppies are expected around January 1, 2018
Both are LNP1 N/N, LPN2 N/N, LEMP N/N, HD A/A and Elbows 0/0.

4th January 2015

23d November 2014

11th November 2014
The litter of Elsa and Juncelles was born.

18th September 2014
10th Anniversary Rhupy litter born 18-09-2004
Today Rhupy's  children celebrate their 10th Anniversary.
Unfortunately, their mother Rhupy died at the age of 12 years and 3 months.
6 of the 7 children are doing well, with the 7th we have lost contact after a separation of the owners in 2008.
Big congratulations to Villock, Bas, Valero, Lodde, Vichy, Vilma and Valami.




















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The Dog of Leonberg Volume 3: The Expansion.

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Part 3 tells  how the breed conquered the world. The fortunes  and misfortunes of the clubs, the International Leonberger Union, health and longevity of the breed. 
416 pages, of which 96 full color photos  and a total of 604 illustrations.Hard cover.
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CACIB Wels 07.12.2013
Garfield Leo vom Illertal, BOB und BIG 5, judged by Bojan Matakovic for the breed and the group.


CACIB Wels 08.12.2013
Garfield Leo vom Illertal, BOB and BIG 4, judged by Daniela Pavlovska for the breed and Francesco Cochetti for the group.  

Breeder: Horst and Marina Certa 
Owner: Nathalie Ihl


Magazine article Spanish Club Show


New Veteran on the veterans page..

From History of Leonberger Dogs -
Leonbergers in the Ownership of Known Persons  

Another famous person, who became fond of the breed of Leonberger dogs, was the niece of great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Duchess Nathalie von Oldenburg (1854 -1937). Fot the most of her life, Duchess von Oldenburg lived in her castle in the Slovak village of Brodzany (situated in western Slovakia, between the towns of Topoľčany and Partizánske), where she kept either one or two dogs of the Leonberger breed or a whole pack of Leonberger dogs at her times. It is reported that she obtained Leonberger puppies in Vienna, and that she took care of them and trained them herself.

The Leonberger dogs of Duchess Nathalie were allowed to move freely within her castle and in the area of the surrounding park in Brodzany. The dogs were reported not to be conflicting and did not attack anybody except for one case, when they attacked the 64-year-old secretary of the Duchess Nathalie, the Austrian writer and translator Fritz Lemmermayer. Mr Lemmermayer had been living in the castle of Brodzany for more than twenty-five years, when he was severely bitten by Nathalie´s Leonberger dogs on the whole body including his neck. After the secretary had been treated for about six months in the castle, he became healthy, left Brodzany for Vienna where he put his case on trial.

He was successful and was paid the damages until the end of his life, though the Duchess was persuaded that the incident was Mr Lemmermayer´s fault.

Duchess Nathalie von Oldenburg let build up a small Art Nouveau castle over the village of Brodzany called Babylon, in the neighbourhood of which she established a cemetary for her dogs and horses. Each animal had its own grave with a marble gravestone, on which the name, and the dates of the animal´s birth and death were engraved. These days, the grave stones of Nathalie´s pets are not available here but some of the gravestones which Duchess Nathalie installed for her animals in her other castle - in Erlaa (a part of Vienna at present) have survived. 

If you are interested in history of Leonberger dogs, the book Natália Oldenburgová – zabudnutá perla Ponitria (Nathalie von Oldenburg – Forgotten Pearl of the Nitra Region in Slovakia) by author: Jana Judinyová is recommendable. The book was published in January 2013 and contains a few photos of Duchess Nathalie von Oldenburg with her Leonberger dogs. The book Natália Oldenburgová – zabudnutá perla Ponitria is partly written in German and in Slovak (the poems and aphorisms of Nathalie of Oldenburg and the resumeé of the book; the resumeé is written both in German and in English).

 More information at:

at the facebook:


 Compiled by Jana Judinyová


A few sonnets by Nathalie von Oldenburg dedicated to her Leonberger dogs:
(also available in the named book):

 Mein treuer Hund, auch du mußt mich verlassen,
Der nimmer doch im Leben von mir ging,
Der doppelt treu und liebend an mir hing,
Seit mich die Menschen meiden und mich hassen!

Ich kann’s noch immer glauben nicht und fassen,
Daß dich, so frisch, so jung, der Tod umfing,
Daß, um zu schließen meines Schicksals Ring,
Auch du dein frohes Leben noch mußt lassen!

Dein Leben hat das Herze mir zerrissen —
Doch wenn dein braunes, klares Auge bricht,
Dann kommt für mich das Schlimmste — das Vermissen!
Und flehend hängt an mir noch treu und schlicht
Dein letzter Blick, eh’ sich die Augen schließen —
Mein edles, treues Tier, verlaß mich nicht! 


Verhöhnt mich nur, weil ich bei treuen Tieren
Die Liebe such’, die mir der Mensch versagt,
Die Liebe, die nach Nutzen nimmer fragt,
Die uns kein Fremder ruchlos mag entführen!

 Dort, wo die Menschen Haß und Missgunst schüren,
Der gift’ge Wurm an jeder Blüte nagt,
Aus Hütte und Palast die Selbstsucht ragt,
Muß ich den letzten Lebensmut verlieren.

 Doch schau’ ich in dein Aug’, mein treuer Hund,
Nichts seh’ ich drin als wandellose Treue;
Blick’ ich auf deiner Seele tiefsten Grund,
Nichts ist darin, was Gottes Sonne scheue!

Und thu’ ich dir mein tiefstes Leiden kund —
Du schweigst!  Ich weiß, daß nimmer ich’s bereue.

9th January 2013
Rhupy Ranzaza v.d. Kleinen Seen celebrated her 11th Birthday.
She is getting a little stiff, but still going strong and the chief of the pack.



Diana v. Sissy-Haus *15/03/1999-02/01/2013
Lived nearly 14 years.

Breeder Maria Kerekes.

With thanks to her owner Barbara Baehler.


Sydney, Australia, 27th October 2012

Aust Gr Ch Furrychild Fire Ant (‘Singe’) gained her Australian Grand Champion title on 27th October 2012. As well as the prerequisite 1000 challenge points,
Singe has won 5 x Best in Groups (Group 1s), 30 x Class in Groups (in Australia there are 7 age classes), 4 x Class in Shows, Best of Breed at Sydney Royal 2011 & 2012, and Best of Breed Melbourne Royal 2012 (she was Runner Up in 2011 – Melbourne and Sydney Royals are Australia’s two biggest dog shows.) Singe has just turned 3. 

Leonberg, 29th September 2012

The general assembly of the International Leonberger Union decided to install a Health Commission.
Furthermore, a committee of 3 members  was elected (Committee Chairman Glen Ferguson (USA), members Willi Güllix (D) and Denis Vernon (F)). who will review the statutes of the Union, and in particular, the  rules for elections.
There were board elections, the full board was proposed for  reelection, the president Willi Güllix, treasurer and secretary Cejnek Peter Hein Sibrijns were reelected, Krisian Per Andersen was elected as the new vice president.

Grignon, France, 24th June 2012

At the regional club show of  the french Leonberger club, under the judgment of M Pecoult
CH Robin Snow Chantelouve, born September 11, 2000, in Class 1st Excellent Venerable,
had an exceptional breeding group with 3 daughters, born on February 13, 2003, and presented in Veteran class:
CH Ugénie Lions of the Duke of Normandy, 4th Excellent
Uppeline Lions of the Duke of Normandy, 3rd Excellent
Uxelle Lions of the Duke of Normandy, 2nd Excellent

14th May 2012
Bavaruki D Billy Bajnok gave birth to 3 males and 5 males.
More info www.leonbergerpup.com/nestbilly.htm 

3d February 2012
Kissi got 6 puppies.
More info: www.leonbergerpup.com/indexe.htm

9th  January 2012
Rhupy Razanza v.d. Kleinen Seen celebrated her 10th birthday.
She is still the boss of our group.

3d January 2012:
Big news:
After a more than 7 years break, we'll have puppies again..
On the 6th december 2011  Kissi was mated by Puff gedekt, she is pregnant.
for more info: www.leonberger.leogazette.com 



Don't forget:
20th Anniverseray club show of the Spanish Leonberger Club.
Saturday, 28th July 2012 in Errenteria.
With Jubilee awards from the International Leonberger Union for Best in  Show and Best Veteran.