19 December 2023

In this video Feragen gives you a brief overview of diversity and how it is presented on the MyFeragen platform. Plus, we’ll show you how you can use dog-matching so that your future puppies not only get the greatest diversity possible, but also become a benefit to the breed population.
00:00 Short Introduction
01:10 Genetic Diversity – What is this?
08:17 Modern Breed Management
09:17 myFERAGEN Platform
10:21 Heterozygotic
14:57 Genomic Input Coefficient
25:47 Dog-Matching – What Matters
25:44 Dog-Matching – Matching Tool
46:03 Dog-Matching — DLA Matching
48:52 Dog-Matching—Adaptations

In Metha’s kennel a litter of 10 bitches and 6 dogs was born.
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Adopt a Leonberger.
From the 20th to the 25th of June 2019, 200 Leonberger will occupy the market square in Leonberg. 
Inspired by his Rottweiler project, Ottmar Hörl, a versatile German artist, creates a large installation for Leonberg with this 200 Leonberger dogs all gathered on the market square. 
For five days, the serial sculptures will populate the old town, thus creating an unforgettable picture, transforming the marketplace into a communicative showgrpund and certainly captivating the audience. 
We can look forward to the encounters between humans, animals and sculpture.