There are still a few statues available, contact:   


Adopt a Leonberger.
From the 20th to the 25th of June 2019, 200 Leonberger will occupy the market square in Leonberg. 
Inspired by his Rottweiler project, Ottmar Hörl, a versatile German artist, creates a large installation for Leonberg with this 200 Leonberger dogs all gathered on the market square. 
For five days, the serial sculptures will populate the old town, thus creating an unforgettable picture, transforming the marketplace into a communicative showgrpund and certainly captivating the audience. 
We can look forward to the encounters between humans, animals and sculpture. 

The statues can be bought:
Plastic with embossing HÖRL, color: black, about 90 cm high.
You can get it from the city of Leonberg,
Office for Culture, Adult Education, Sports & City Marketing,
Belforter Platz 1, 71229 Leonberg, Germany. Phone  +49 (0) 7152 990-1401, e-mail to